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Any experiences

Dear Mrs. Martinetz,

thank you for this great saddle. I have the saddle exactly 3 weeks now and it just feels good.
My horse starts to go free and also to release her back more.
Many have seen the saddle and they did not believe that it is a treeless saddle. Of course, many try the saddle. Everyone had the opinion that you could not compare this saddle with an other conventional treeless.
I'm stuck like a saddle with a tree and yet I have more movement in the hips, and I also feel what is happening under me.
It was always nice to have cotact with you.

Thank you!
Karin T. Germany

Hella Mrs. Martinetz,

finally attached the promised picture. My horse and I are very pleased.
Thank you so much.

Stephanie H. Germany

Hallo Mrs. Martinetz,
Now I am just back from the first ride with saddle and I must say:
Never ever I give the saddle back!
He is simply  perfectly and fits my horse and me perfect! I had never sat in a saddle which fitted me so good, really. He is so comfortable, I am inspired totally! The seat is really a class, at all too largely and I do not sit the first time, really, "behind" and also remain there.
I would like to thank again so much you for the good and nice discussion, also yesterday by telephone! I will gladly recommend you anyway very much!
Madness, really, I have never ridden so gladly, I did not want at all from the saddle!

Julia F. Germany

Antonie v. B. France

Since I ride the FREEMAX-Western, I have more contact and control by riding. At last, I can feel my horse and ride!


Saddle is there and already in full use :-) Fits perfectly and is very comfortable to sit on and the horse feels among them well ...
Really a great saddle. No comparison to the xx-saddles ... he does not slip and no spongy feeling on him.
Now I'm saving a little bit more money and then my 2nd horse will get also souch a great saddle.
Very best regards and again thanks for the smooth and fast transaction!

Kati A. Germany

I have the saddle now almost 4 weeks and  I am absolutely satisfied. No one believes that this is a treeless saddle. Myself can hardly believe it yes. The saddle slips also not ascend when and I do not have a climbing aid. Spins, tight turns and stops are also no problem.I have already ridden some treeless saddles known brands but the FREEMAX convinced me.
Therefore, I would also like for my second horse and a FREEMAX .)
With best regards
Diana B. Germany

Very comfortable for horse and riders! The saddle fits perfect my horse.

For me, the FREEMAX-Western is a perfect mix of a traditional and a treeless western saddle. But it has a good fit flexibility and comfort of a treeless saddle.
I have a close contact with the horse and I can feel the movements of the horse well. My horse is much easier to ride. The rider has a stable good seat on the saddle.

I just want to say thanks. The saddle is perfect! My horse walks finally relaxed.
Many thanks for your service!

Judy W.   Zypern

Hi Christine,
Just to say the saddle is brilliant!!! It fits perfectly and is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat on!!
Many many thanks.

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